My Flashing Light Project :3

My ‘Flashing Light’ project was good, but I wasn’t completely pleased with it. It was a little messy. (I’m not good at soldering, and I kept burning the wood, by accident 😉 I scored a 9 on it, which was really good (:

Overall I would have tried to at least, make it neater. But it’s good enough (:

That’s all… :3

My Steady Hand Game (:

In Electronics, we’ve completed many projects. Such as ‘The Steady Hand Game, LDR AND  Flashing Light.

‘The Steady Hand Game’, is, well we drew a design on wood and cut out the shape (The shape of the design product, What we chose to do it on. Mine was a cat). We connected all the wires, (On the back) And made a wire frame figure in the shape of some certain object (My design was a cat, and the wire frame was a cat’s head). The wire frame is meant to tell a story about the scene, object you chose. Also I made a handle, for the wire frame to play with it. And lastly I had the joy, of being proud of myself with the finished product.

Making the ‘Steady Hand Game’, was really fun. I had some ups an down making it though 😉 But overall I satisfied with the outcome 🙂

Also my score out f 10, was a 9.5… Which is GREAT!

My Holidays… ;)

Where do I start? Well, I’ll tell you about the best thing I ever did… It’s well, um, SLEEPING! Yep, sleeping I’m AMAZING at sleeping. I always stay up late and don’t wake up in the morning. How my parents hate it. But anyway who doesn’t love a good night sleep? :]

Anyway, I also did some other things like, going to the cinema… and I saw the new movie ‘The Smurfs 2’, a classic comedy. It was really funny. And there were lots of laughs here and there!

Ok, here’s my sum up for my holidays. They were good, but I wish I did some more things. Instead of sleeping… wait, wait I also watched T.V a lot.

My Report – Term 1

I am happy with my report!

My report was really good because I put my personal best into every thing I do, but I was concerned about a couple of things.

Such as I got two medians on music which were: Completing all of the work and I completed all of the work that was handed to me! As well I got a median level of learning music!

And lastly I got a median in mathmatics, at the level of my performence. And I think it was fair because I know that I’m no super genesis at mathmatics!

But apart from them, I was cool with my report!

##### #### – Term 1

Since I’ve been at #### ######, I Have made new friends and we have done many activities, sport days and so much more.

As well I have been involved in the House System. I’m in ##### house and it’s the colour yellow.

High School is very different with new glasses/subjects, teachers and a huge range of students coming from different primary schools. Having your own locker and combination lock is really cool, but sometimes it can get stuck and that’s a pain.

We also have a 5A Stamp Award, which is good behaviour award sheet where you can get stamps from doing the right things like: Handing in your work on time, Doing Study and putting effort into your work.

At lunch times there are many activities to do like: Having a quiet read in the library or catching up with work, playing on the spider web or joining a music program at #########. During school lunch times and even after school.

On Monday the 18th of February ## and ## participated in a Day tour to Camp Cooriemungle. Some activities we contributed in were the: Giant Swing, Rock Climbing then abseiling down and a High Ropes Course which was AMAZING! It was so much fun!